Monday, December 08, 2008

Glad to be back...

As much as I love AU I am glad to be back in the wonderful cold michigan environment. Randy Brunette sent me a couple of photo's from some of my classes. As you can tell, it was a pretty full room. I will make a post later with the final tallies of attendance.

Rob Stein-01 

Rob Stein-02

Friday, December 05, 2008

Links that were promissed...

During a few of my classes there were some web links discussed for finding more support, or specific things on peoples blog sites. Below is a brief list for your review.

Nate mentioned myfeedback, which is a place where you can become involved (if approved) with the beta versions of certain Autodesk Products. This site is

I mentioned that Nate Holt runs a blog site, you can find this at: You will find great information on AutoCAD Electrical here.

I did not mention this but Jared Bunch will be starting a blog at Actually it is started but I am not sure when he will be making posts.

You can also view some of my old friends blogging at There is a new post weekday's monday through friday. Different topic's every day, from many of my old friends at INCAT.

If I have forgotten anything please let me know, you can email me at [email protected].

My Apologies

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in my lab at AU that stuck through the licensing issues. I really apreciate it and am extremly happy that you were still able to get something out of the course. Remember, I will be updating my blog site over the next week with updates from the AU courses I presented, as well as Video's wherever possible.

Thanks again for attending my courses and can't wait to see you all again next year at AU.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Two down, One to Go...

Alright, I just completed the Lab on EC301-1L ~ Become a Circuit Ninja with AutoCAD Electrical 2009 Circuit Builder. I am going to make two posts on this, first is everything I have compiled at this point which is what you saw in the class in power points and exercises. I plan to come back and record this as video's so you can follow it easier. This should be accomplished next week at some point.

You can download the current files here, then I will post a new one that will be a combination of the items at the time of the class, plus any new things. Download EC301-1L ~ Become a Circuit Ninja with AutoCAD Electrical 2009 Circuit Builder

Now my next class.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

AU 2008, A learning experience...

Here I am, completed with my first presentation for my AU week. I have 2 more to to go tomorrow morning. I figured I would post a quick topic that as many of you know is near and dear to me. In the last Keynote they mentioned stopping by the AutoCAD booth and they would show us how to run AutoCAD on a MAC. As you know, I love my macbook. As you may also know, I have been running Autodesk products on my macbook pretty much since I purchased it via, Parallels, VMware Fusion, and bootcamp depending on the need and the testing I was doing.

So later tonight when the booth opens back up I will be going to the AutoCAD booth to see if Autodesk has given the option to run it as a core mac app instead of using a virtual software or a dual boot scenario. I would LOVE to see this happen for all of the MSD applications and will keep you posted as I learn more.

A big thanks to an Attendee in my class.

I didn't catch the persons name that gave me a few cough drops during my presentation this morning but I really appreciate it. It helped tremendously. 

Thanks again.