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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Technology is Amazing...

During my morning routine of a few blog sites and news sites I stumbled across this interesting article about an "Artist Envisions Turning Fake Eye Into Bionic Eye-cam". It is something we have seen in movies for years, a person loses their eye, and a camera gets strapped over the bad eye socket. Well from the looks of it, it isn't too far fetched. The only difference is now that camera's are much smaller than what we have seen in movies where people have them put over the eye socket, they can now fit into the prosthetic eye, becoming virtually invisible.

In addition to the article above, there is a blog site from Tanya Vlach talking about the loss of her eye in a car accident a few years back as well as her venture to make the eye-cam. She is looking for engineers to help make this happen so if there are any cyborg engineers out there, check it out.


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