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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rules Based Design for Autodesk Inventor

While I was "stationed" at Autodesk University I had an opportunity to go see some old friends in the exhibit hall where I came across this cool tool for Autodesk Inventor. iLogic from Logimetrix Inc, allows designers / engineers to enter rules into their design. For example let's say I had a model of a Parker Cylinder, something we all use quite often I am sure, I could enter the rules for that design into iLogic. Let's just say these rules are the same rules that would be needed to build one of the part numbers so things like series, stroke, etc.... I can now have anyone in my organization utilize this one model for any of that family of cylinders and always have the correct ordering information. I can also ensure that they don't accidentally make design mistakes due to forgetting to interpret one of the rules based on the manufacturers website.

I found this tool to be very useful within the first 20 seconds of talking with Dave from Logimetrix. Dave is the Director of Development and was able to easily articulate the purpose of this software. The great thing I found about this add in was the flexibility to build rules into anything I can think of to design. You have access to all of Inventor's API's as well as some built in iLogic tools to help with this rules based design. A rule doesn't have to be a design rule either, it could be something as simple as show a dialog box. Autodesk has another product called Inventor Professional Automation which allows you to do a lot of the same things, but this one seems to be easier to use. It also seems that it is much easier to create your own dialogs to use in your rules based designs. One last thing about this product versus the Inventor Automation product (I am not an Inventor Automation Expert) is it seems that with Inventor Automation you change a bunch of values in your "worksheet" then apply those changes to your model. After applying those changes to your model, Inventor Automation then modifies parameters in your model giving you the end result. With this iLogic tool it seems as when you change a value in your worksheet it updates the model almost instantly.

Don't take my word for it, go check it out at www.logimetrixinc.com. Let me know your thoughts and maybe we can all learn a little something along the way.

Thanks again to Dave from Logimetrix Inc for getting me hooked on this product. :-)


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