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Friday, December 05, 2008

Meeting Kean

Last night walking through the Venetian I finally had a chance to meet Kean Walmsley, an Autodesk employee focussing on programming support and consulting. Over the past few months I have been following his blog site quite a bit as I ramp up to do some of my upcoming projects.

It was very cool to meet some of the people that I have been following their blogs, and exchanging emails with back and forth. Over the years when I was doing consulting work I met a lot of people and had people tell me that it was nice to finally meet me. That they had been reading my blog, or saw a presentation I did and I now I feel the same way about meeting some new poeple as my career path changes.

Kean, Thanks for your to introduce yourself to me, and I wouild love to chat more in the coming months as my company gets on board with the Autodesk Developers Network. (www.autodesk.com/adn).

To everyone at Autodesk University, have safe travels back home, wherever that might be.


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