Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Autodesk University

Well, it is about half way through the year, give or take a couple weeks and i am already looking forward to Autodesk University.  It is in Vegas again this year and I can't wait. I am presenting one class on AutoCAD Electrical and just figured I would let everyone know now that they should really try to get out to Autodesk University this year. I know there will be several classes on AutoCAD Electrical this year and it should be really informative. My class will be completely new this year from the one i did last year so that is exciting. My class is called AutoCAD Electrical 2007 QuickStart. That is about all I will say for now about the class. Come on, I have to leave something to talk about for the last half of the year. I will give more updates on my class throughout the rest of the year. I have to submit my outline this week so that will force me to finalize a few things. I will also get back to posting a couple times a week probably right after the holiday since I have a few things to finish before the holiday.

Here are a few links you might find useful.

When looking at the fees remember that it is for 4 days of top notch training and seminars.

Have a great holiday and if I don't post before then I will post after.