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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The New Macbook...

Last year around Christmas time I purchased my first Apple computer, a Macbook, then about a month later, I purchased my second Apple computer, a 20 inch iMac. Needless to say, I love the Apple computers and I am using my iMac as I type. Let's get one thing straight, I still use Windows Software and probably always will as I need them for work, and I truly believe that there is a purpose for Windows and a purpose for MAC OS. 

Over the past few weeks Apple announced yet another great line of Apple computers. The new Macbook and Macbook Pro's were announced and they are amazing. I think one of the coolest things is the new Aluminum Unibody enclosure. This was one of the biggest things I noticed about the new macbook. With the Unibody design the enclosure it is now made from one solid piece of Aluminum instead of multiple pieces that add size, weight, complexity and more chances for failure. This single aluminum body is beautiful. 

A new LED backlight display was also another new feature in the new laptop. This allows for the same amount of light being produced for the display in much thinner space.

The new Macbook Pro has a new trackpad, that is a trackpad with no button. Why do we need a button, when we can use the trackpad as a button. The trackpad also has multi-touch which is great for using gestures to accomplish things without a mouse.

The new GeForce 9600M GT processor is extremely powerful. The great thing about this new technology is that you get both an integrated graphics processor and the graphics card mentioned above. This allows you to use the power when you need it, then when you are doing normal tasks you can switch it over to the integrated to save power.

With Apple designing both the hardware and the software, they can improve anything they want. They have total control and I think we will see many more great innovations in the years to come from Apple.

You can read more about this innovative new laptop design at Apple.


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