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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day Parade

I just got back from the Thanksgiving Day Parade in the Detroit. I started a tradition with my son (only 1 of them wanted to go) by going to the parade. My dad also came with us which was fun. My only complaint (of course I have to have a complaint) is that we found a perfect spot. Right on the corner of Mack and Woodward. It was perfect literally right on the corner. We got there about 1.5 hours before the Parade started which was nice also. The problem came in with all of the people that came at the last minute, and of course they decided to stand in the street in front of us. Then the police was telling everyone to back up and of course those people did not remember they pushed there way through us to the front. So my son, dad and msyelf ended up getting pushed to the back. Oh well, I am just thankful that I got time to spend with my son and dad which was great.

I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving with their families and for today forget about all the bad things going on in the world and just enjoy the time with family and friends.


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