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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Friends from India are safe...

I am not sure who may have heard about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai India this past week. This kind of hits home for me as I have friends in India, some who recently moved to Mumbai and I have also visited India this past May. When I visited India I laned in Mumbai then traveled 4 hours to Pune India. Also after I came back some of my friends from INCAT went to India and stayed in Mumbai for an event they were presenting in.

While I was over there I managed to make some close friends, Mihir, Keyur, Sankar, Supriya, Rupali, Mandar and Alex, to mention a few. When I heard about the attacks in Mumbai I was very worried for the safety of my freinds and their families.

This morning I had my computer on, logged into my Google Talk account while I was working on getting upgraded to first class for my trip to Vegas tomorrow when I heard the computer make some noise. That noise was Mihir sending me a message on Google Talk. This was great, I was very happy to hear that he was ok. He also informed me that everyone over there is safe. He also informed me that he is back in the USA for a while so I will get to meet up with him when I get back from Vegas and we will get to hang out again. The last time he was here, I took him to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield village.

I am not sure what we will do this time, but we will surely find something to do. I really enjoy when Mihir and I get to talk because I learn so much from him about his country and I feel he learns a lot from me also.

Well it is time to finish packing and spending time with my family so I am ready to leave for Las Vegas first thing tomorrow morning.


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