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Sunday, May 11, 2008

AutoCAD Electrical 2009

Good day from Pune, India. I am traveling this week in India for work and was just thinking of how long it has been since I have made a post.

So, by this time you should have all received your AutoCAD Electrical 2009 DVD's right? I hope so, it really is a great release. If you haven't installed it yet, do so soon. If you have installed it what do you think? Let me list a few things I noticed:

- User Interface is quite a bit different looking.
- Inserting of 3 ph motor symbols draws the diagonal lines.
- The new Circuit Builder is amazing. Right out of the box it is amazing, and it gets better, I can create my own circuits for use in the builder. That's right, I can customize it. Great job Nate and Crew.
- Core AutoCAD uses Ribbons. Now I know most people have mentioned they don't like Ribbons in the Microsoft products. However in AutoCAD they are pretty cool and you should give them a try when using just core AutoCAD.
- AutoCAD Electrical does not have a ribbon built for it.... (Yet). Lets hope this is something that we can download as a subscription customer in the future or at least with 2010. I can see a lot of potential with that functionality being used in AutoCAD Electrical.

That's all the teasers for now. Send me an email of anything you have noticed and I will post it here for everyone else to see. let me know if you want me to put your name by it also.

Rob Stein


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Well I gotta say I'm not enjoying ACE2009 at the moment.
I'm finding it very slow and very buggy.
I've been using ACE since 2005 and I must say that so far 2008 is the best and most stable version.

I have also started to make my own Ribbon and this is really painfull at the moment but there is a beta patch to fix the CUI. But this is only for normal AutoCAD. I think I will wait for the ACE patch.

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