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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

AutoCAD Electrical 2008 What's New???

Over the past couple of weeks some of my customers have been recieving their AutoCAD Electrical 2008 media. I figured what a way to start posting again other than to run down some of the new features.

You can find a PDF of what's new here.

  • Surfable Reports - This is a nice one that allows users to right click on a report cell and surf to the devices that are related to the component in that cell.
  • Insert Component Enhancments - The newly revamped Insert component dialog is sure to please with it's appealing new tree view feel and ability to put PNG images as the icons. With PNG images users can be very creative with the image for the icons. For example you could take pictures of the devices that you will be inserting and use them as the icons instead of the normal image.
  • Recently Used Enhancements - Users can now specify how many icons are saved to the recently used area of the dialog.
  • Terminal Strip Editor - The TSE has been mostly re-written and greatly enhanced allowing designers to add Multi-Level Terminals, Terminal Jumpers and much more.
  • Unity Pro Export - Users can share design information from Scheider Electric's Unity Pro and AutoCAD Electrical.
  • Easier Installation - Completely re-designed Installation interface allowing users to do things such as select which manufacturers will get included in the Catalog Database.

More to come in the coming days.