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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Special Thanks to Nate Holt

This past Friday (Jan, 12, 2007) Nate Holt sent me an MSN message asking if there was a user group that day as he has in the past. I answered with a quick yes as I was swamped with work trying to pull together a specification for a client, wrap up a program specification for an internal program we were writing and pull together a user group meeting. This was at about 8:30 and the meeting starts at 10:00. Nate proceeded to ask if he was supposed to present anything and I said he wasn't slated for anything, but however if he had anything to fill a few minutes I would be greatly appreciative. Nate told me to give him a couple minutes to see what he could pull together. Less than Five minutes later he pings me back and asks if a half hour is too long. To my surprise I was saved with having to re-tool my Autodesk University 2006 presentation like I was planning.

Nate presented on How AutoCAD Electrical Works. He gave a great overview of how the symbol naming works and how to use the naming for your benefit.  Nate gave an example of using the naming to create a simple dip switch. He also discussed some cool things like COPYTAG, and USER POSTS.

So as I mentioned in the title Thanks Nate for saving me in my time of need.

Rob Stein