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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Legacy Decisions 101...

Over the years I have spent hundreds of hours working with clients to decide on what to do with legacy data. This is always a touch subject with client's because if you don't convert it all they feel this level of uneasiness. If they don't have all of their data in the "new" CAD format they feel they may never get it. The problem with just converting all of your legacy data to a new CAD format is this. Do you really need it all immediately? No, not typically. Most client's will typically only use quite a bit of data from the past couple of years, and a large amount less than that with data that is over a couple of years old. This is great because legacy conversion can be costly to do it all at once and there is no real return on doing it at once. For example what I would do is maybe convert the last few jobs or what I think will be used in the next few months right away. Then I would typically convert the rest on an "As Needed" basis. If I have a project coming up that uses something from 10 years ago I would either convert it myself depending on resources and scheduling or I would pay a one time much smaller fee to have some other company that specializes in this type of work convert it for me. There are many options when it comes to legacy conversion for 3D software but when it comes to AutoCAD -->> to AutoCAD Electrical the easiest way often times is to re-draw. A lot of client's think this is going to be very time consuming and to be honest it isn't the quickest thing to do, but there are tools in the software to assist or as I mentioned you could have it outsourced. There are plenty of companies that can help with this type of work.  A lot of my client's are starting to work this way and realize the benefits of outsourcing this type of repetitive work while spending their time on the real design work that is hard to outsource. I hope this helps and would love to talk about this more in a future post if anyone is interested.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Special Thanks to Nate....

I remember a few years back was the first time I got to meet Nate Holt.  I was so nervous to meet the man who was responsible for AutoCAD Electrical and all prior versions of the software. I had only been using the software for about 6 months or so and was very impressed with the software's capabilities and how easy I found it to learn. I thought anyone with that kind of talent would be difficult to talk to which was not the case. I found Nate to be one of the easiest people to talk to. Over the past three years I have had several chances to work with Nate both in troubleshooting scenario's, presentations and just some conversations at Autodesk Events where I got to learn even more about him. Recently Nate presented at the INCAT sponsored AutoCAD Electrical User Group - The Web Chapter. This is a web based user group that I started a couple of months back with the sponsorship of INCAT and some help from Jenifer Swiderski one of our marketing gals. Nate presented on a few main topics such as Pin Lists and some customization items.  Hopefully Nate will post them on his blog site in the coming weeks here.

Again, Thanks a million Nate, it is always a pleasure working with you. I always learn something new.

Rob Stein

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Service Pack Available

Autodesk recently released a Service pack 1 for AutoCAD Electrical 2007. I haven't had a chance to look in much detail as to what this latest service pack addresses but you can find the information here. I plan to load it on my system in the next day or two.


Rob Stein

Monday, September 11, 2006

User Group Reminder

Hello everyone, This Friday will be our second AutoCAD Electrical User Group - The Web Chapter. Please be sure to register Here. We have confirmed Nate Holt will be presenting a portion of the user group with some of his Tips and Tricks. I will be presenting the other portion then we will open it up for user interaction. Remember the time has changed to 10 am EST to accommodate some of our users on the west coast and over seas.

Thanks again for all of the feedback and support at the first meeting, I look forward to making this next meeting a great one as well.

Rob Stein

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Back from vacation......

Just got done with a little vacaion in the U.P. of Michigan. The family and I went to Newberry Michigan. I should be back to regular posting in the next couple of days after I get done with catching up email's and what not. Check out some of the pictures from the vacation. http://robstein.blogs.com/photos/vacation/index.html

Catch you on the flip side.